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Comporth is a leading compliance solution provider in the City of Philadelphia that can handle it all: construction permits, drafting services, certificates, licenses, tax revenue, violations, audits, and much more. Comporth’s core team brings 5+ years of experience in the industry and is a trusted partner to businesses and individuals who must navigate the complex world of municipal codes and regulations.

Comporth offers a wide range of services to help business owners comply with municipal regulations and avoid penalties. Whether opening new locations, mediating a code-compliant solution, or centralizing a multi-phase project, Comporth is your go-to partner for protecting your investment and legacy. Our full-service approach ensures that our clients are always in compliance, minimizing their risk of penalties and fines, and allowing them to focus on what they do best: growing their business. With our comprehensive solutions, you can rest assured that your project is in good hands.

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At Comporth, we understand that construction violations can quickly escalate and result in significant delays and costs. That’s why we offer a full range of compliance services, including organizing and executing solutions to comply with municipal violations and providing quick access to municipal records that would otherwise take months to obtain. Our team of experts stays up-to-date with the Philadelphia Code and upcoming regulation changes, and maintains strong relationships with city officials and inspectors, so we can execute the proper paperwork quickly ensuring that our clients are always one step ahead of the narrative.

Comporth LLC BBB Business Review

Audits & Investigations

Violations, Fire Watch, Revenue Tax Compliance, Tax Abatements, Penalties and Waivers, Trade Licenses, Utility and Water Main Connections, Out-Of-State Insurance, Sidewalk or Street Closure

Construction Permits

Unsafe and Imminently Dangerous, Complete Demolition, Existing Structures, Fire Suppression, Permanent or Temporary Signage, New Construction, EZ Alterations

Certificates & Licenses

Certificate of Occupancy, Temporary Occupancy, Landlord Compliance, Rental Suitability, Vacant Land, Use and Special Occupancy, Amusement, Food Safety

Board of Consultants

Jay Borowsky, ESQ

Borowsky Law Office


John Lee, RA

Lee Architectural Associates


Steve Beattie, MBA, RLA

Landscape Engineer


Sean Healy

Accounted4 LLC


Operations Team

Kelsey Lee

Kelsey Lee

Chief Executive Officer, Expediter


Mikaella Brouillette

Development Manager, Expediter


Marcus Savage

Project Planner, Architectural Drafter


Martin Willard

Client Relations, Project Site Liason


Client Testimonials

Comporth’s team is extremely nice and easily the most hardworking people I’ve dealt with. Everything that was promised was completed in half the time I had in mind. There were absolutely no struggles or snags whatsoever! They meet with you prior to let you know what to provide, you send it, and viola! Everything is in your hands within a week (depending on the process). Thank you so much for your amazing services, I will definitely be using you guys again!

– United Group, Property Management

Our attorney recommended that we contact Kelsey when having trouble with city inspections. With over 60 skilled artists on payroll including local architects, engineers, and tradesman, the Comporth team figured out the issue and did the leg work to get us back on track. Comporth is worth the investment because they respond to what needs to happen and the opening date they gave us turned out accurate. There wasn’t a ton of back and forth with Comporth, they agreed to our objective and got it done. We did not expect a lot of what took place and they were ready to help after hours, whatever it took. 

– Vice President Finance & Controller, 13th Floor Entertainment

Kelsey is a true Pro! She navigated my property’s violation out of deep water into safety! Her team along with Marcus and Caitlin are always there and ready to take calls after hours.

– $hay Money LLC, Fix & Flip

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